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IRIS provides consultancy and training services to schools, parents, organizations, governmental agencies working with special needs populations and individuals with special needs. The focus of our organization is to train professionals, parents and educators in dealing with developmental and behavioural disorders such as Autism, Asperger's Syndrome.

It is also our goal to promote the cause of Autism and the needs of special needs children in India by helping create the infrastructure and train the professionals needed for Special Education.

IRIS is registered as a Charitable Trust
Registration Number 509/IV/2005 by the Sub Registrar, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, India.

Seminar on Co-occuring Psychiatric Disorders among Adolescents/ Adults on Autism Spectrum.

April 13, 2014
at the Sundaram Medical Foundation Auditorium, Anna Nagar, Chennai

Executive Summary
Tantrums, panic attacks, phobias, meltdowns, anxiety, mood swings, and obsessive compulsive behaviours, in various degrees are experienced by children and adults at some point of time or other.

However most of the persons on the autism spectrum suffer from some kind of problems more intensely than others because of the communication difficulties they experience. Compounded to this fact is the inadequacy they face in social situations. Many experience aggression, social isolation and depression and are on medication to control the symptoms. Children as young as 6-7 years of age are prescribed psychoactive drugs.

These drugs are not without side effects, especially when therapeutic threshold is crossed. Often the unwanted side effects are irreversible. Parents need to train and empower themselves in prevention and management of secondary psychiatric disorders among children and adolescents with autism. The seminar will bring together all the stakeholders; parents, teachers, therapists and doctors to discuss the importance of Positive Behaviour Therapy and the role each one needs to perform for the total rehabilitation of those on the autism spectrum.


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