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Autism and Teacher Education in India
Dr. Ch. Chandra Sekhar

Chelation Protocol
By William Shaw PhD.

Sequence of supplements, pharmaceuticals, and dietary trials
By William Shaw, PhD

Management of Autism, A Parent's Perspective
N A Mazumdar

Social Adaptability and Social Skill Training
Lalita Ramanujan
Director Alfa to Omega Learning Centre

Designing Effective Preschools for Inclusion
Mythily Chari M.Ed., Ed. S (Special Education)
Director, IRIS

Overview of Autism and Asperger's Syndrome
Mythily Chari & Sharda Ramlackhan

The Odyssey from the World of Autism
Ramamani Ravi

Raising my son with Asperger's Syndrome - A Father

A mother's experiences with her child with Asperger's Syndrome

Social Skills Curriculum for Persons with Autism/ Asperger's Syndrome
Mythily Chari M.Ed., Ed.S (Special Education)
Director, IRIS

Communication Therapy versus Speech Therapy
Sujatha Murali

It's all a question of Perspective - Nikhil's Story

Working with a child with Autism- An experience

How do I cope?
Nivedita Sengupta
Courtesy Shri Sahyog

Dr. DOG – A programme for children with Autism
Dr. Nanditha Krishna
Director, The C.P. Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation

Setting up a curriculum for children with Autism
Sulata Ajit

Person Centered Assessment and Intervention: Techniques for Practitioners
Mythily Chari, Director, IRIS

Special indeed! - Born with a sibling who is `different' only makes life more meaningful.
- from 'The Hindu, February 21, 2004'

Sibling Concerns
- from 'The Hindu, December 1, 2003'

Ameliorate Autism through Integrated Therapy
Dr. N.P. Karthikeyen



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